Admin page for website

Admin panel is something you definitely want. Why? Because an admin page, or a dashboard, helps you manage your website's content without having to touch the code. That's a good thing. It means you can make updates to your site without help of a web

Website Dashboard or some call it Content management systems make life easier for businesses by allowing them to control the content on their website without having to know how to mess with code. When you see the process that would have to go into making changes to the content of a website without a CMS, it begins to make a lot more sense why we have them, and the really important role that they play. Before there was such a thing as a CMS, businesses would have to call their webmasters, tell them the changes to make, and the webmaster would then have to make those changes directly to the code.

Here are some sample admin panel interfaces:

Responsove Admin Panel Interface

Modern Dashboard Design

Website Statistical report panel